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New missions (75-110)
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  Wysłany: 2019-03-30, 19:01   New missions (75-110)

Missions: 74-75
"Find NPC "Quest III" he is placed in Nova City and ask him about some new mission. {eleven}"

Hi -> Eleven -> Yes

We must collect:
-100x Pice of wood (mission) ,
-10x Big ham ,
-5x Bottle of water ,
-3x Brown bread .

FAQ(How to get)?
-Pice of wood (mission): Use Aio Medium or Aio Full on trees. (Not every works! But its easy to check, what trees works, photos below.)

When tree is good we will dont get notification "You cannot use this object.". Click that long when we will get pice of wood or notification "Sorry, not possible" its mean, we fail in getting item.

When we get item:

When tree is wrong so we will get notification "You cannot use this object.". Keep searching good tree.

-Big ham: You can buy with NPC Bar(the fastest), very cheap. (Hi -> Trade)

-Bottle of water: We must get Empty Bottle Of Water (it drop from most of 'stronger' monsters), use on water and we got Bottle Of Water(not always).

-Brown bread: You can buy with NPC Food Shop. (Hi -> Trade)

When we collect all items, back to NPC Quest III and write:
Hi -> Eleven -> Done

Break 12H!


Mission: 76
"Ask NPC Quest III about next mission. {twelve}"
Hi -> Twelve -> Yes

We must go to NPC Woran. (City Center, the way on map below)

Missions: 77-78
"Go to NPC Woran and help him. {help}"
Hi -> Help -> Yes

We must kill(Be care - no notification after kills!):
-15x Fire Elemental(*),
-5x Fire Elementalis(*),
(*)eg. here:
-10x Mutant Fire Elemental.
eg. on Canaria (access teleport):

When we kill all monsters, go back to Woran and write:
Hi -> Killed

Mission: 79
Go to NPC Nors, he is near Woran 'tower' and tell him you come from Woran and you do his mission. {card from woran}"

Hi -> Card From Woran

Break 12H!


Missions: 85-90
"Ask NPC Quest III about new missions for you. {fourteen}"
Hi -> Fourteen -> Yes

We must go visit Andros
Hi -> Fourteen -> Yes

We must collect:
-50x Sprocket ,
-1x Cyborg helmet ,
-2x Super c17 armor ,
-1x Special c16 boots .

FAQ(How to get)?:
-Sprocket: warrior tiger, king tiger, boar, dino.
-Cyborg helmet: fury machins.
-Super c17 armor: all strong forms c17.
-Special c16 boots: all strong forms c16.

When we collect all, back to Andros and write:
Hi -> Fourteen -> Done -> Yes

Now we must go to Pirate, he is no Zoroke (normal tp) (map below).

Hi -> Fourteen -> Yes

Now we must go to old pirate harbor and pick from there old sabre, we can find her in chest (is placed near to pirate harbor). (Chibi Island, normal tp) (map below).

Back to Pirate.
Hi -> Pirate Sabre -> Yes

Break 12H!


Missions: 91-97
"Go to NPC Quest III and ask about next "Part of Gem". {Part of Geme}"
Hi -> Part Of Gem -> Yes

We must go to professor (Mister Sampo), we can find him on Frozen (map below).

Hi -> Card -> Yes -> Part Of Gem -> Yes

We will get 5x Special Bootle and we must collect into this bootles blood of saiyans (corpse eg: veget, goku, etc..) (look ss below):

When we collect Special Bottle with Saiyans blood so back to Mister Sampo and write:
Hi -> Blood -> Yes

Now we must get 20x Green Plasm , we can drop it from Victorius (map eg. Orust, Honbur..). When we drop it, back and write:
Hi -> Green Plasm -> Yes

Now we must collect 10x Special Bottle Of Water and bring to Mister Sampo. When we collect, back and write:
Hi -> Bottle -> Yes

Now we must kill: 20x Fury Radiz (eg. onios), 10x Legdic (eg. mauritius), 4x Li Shenron (eg. mauritius), back to Mister Sampo adn write:
Hi -> Kill -> Yes


Missions: 98-100
"Go to Quest III and ask about Mister Sampo souvenir of his parents. {sampo}"
Hi -> Sampo -> Yes

We must go to pick photo of family (map below):

click and we will get Family photography .

We must bring photo to Mister Sampo:
Hi -> Photo -> Yes


Mission: 101
"Find way to travel on Future Earth and find Future Trunks, ask him how you can help. {android}"

Hi -> Android -> Yes

Mission: 102
"Find Androids: C17 and C18 from world Future Trunks'a and defeat them! {fight}"

Hi -> Fight -> Go
C17, HP: 2.9mln
C18, HP: 2.6mln

Mission: 103
"Call Future Trunks about androids. {done}"
Hi -> Done -> Yes

Mission: 104
"Show to Bulma construction plan of androids {plan} Nova City"

Hi -> Plan -> Yes

Mission: 105
"Go back to Future Trunks and ask about help with reconstruction his city. {reconstruction}"
Hi -> Reconstruction -> Yes

Mission: 106
"Collect for Future Trunks minerals: 500x pice of wood, 500x big ham, 100x brown bread, 5x fishing rod, 1000x worm {give}"
Hi -> Give

Mission: 107
"Go to NPC Quest III to get information, what to do with parts of gem. {gem}"
Hi -> Gem -> Yes -> Pay
We must bring: 150x gold,50x Senzu,10x sprocket,5x green plasma,1x Part of Gem (first)*,1x Part of Gem (second)*,1x Part of Gem (third)*
* - Items from last missions.

Mission: 108
"Try sell Bulma Diary for Andros {sell}"

Hi -> Sell

Mission: 109
"Maybe Quest III will buy Bulma Diary... {sell}"
Hi -> Sell

Misja: 110
"Go to NPC Jeweler and ask him about information of hidden location. {location} Rock City"

Hi -> Location -> Yes
We must bring: 1x attack upgrade, 1x defense upgrade, 1x armor upgrade

Translated by Alzotr
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