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Pytania i Problemy / Questions and problems - Ping-lag Mx-Br

mapple - 2019-04-12, 05:33
Temat postu: Ping-lag Mx-Br
warez or great, both find it difficult to place a proxy like "Pokexgames", is too much difference from LAG Between a Mexican or Brazilian in a Polish in dbvictory, could not put a balanced proxy for both sides?
it is impossible and boring to play mx vs pl if they play with 10-15 of ping and we with 400 300, they should do something urgent since I guess there are many more Brazilian and Mexican players that pl

Samis - 2019-04-12, 15:07

if mexicano braziliano play 100+ players

DaviRoox - 2019-04-13, 13:38

i dont believe that proxy will resolve, they need understand, all server have host american or similar.
is impossible give same ping of pl for br\mx.
i'm tired to say, new host br\mx, they not listening us

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